Scam cases on dating sites

Many people have reported that they were scammed by dates or chat mates they have met on dating sites. The common case of fraud is more likely related to money. Criminals take advantage of online dating sites which are 100 percent free of charge and no registration or membership required.

The usual victims are adults ages 40 and above, single, separated or widowed, retired, etc. They will use the opportunity since these victims are lonely or bored. Fraudsters will send e-mail messages or will talk to the victim consistently until they build a new friendship and take advantage of the situation to ask money for hospitalization, family member emergency or to visit the victim.

Most of the profiles on free dating sites are fake and they are not really after camaraderie or serious romantic relationship. These scammers may refuse to do a video chat or send real time photos because they are avoiding someone or something. dating scam cases

There are some cases of blackmail and extortion on dating sites. Some fraudsters pretend to be romantically interested and would ask the person to send sexy or worse nude photos. After some time, the fraudster will threaten the victim to send money so he would not post or upload the photos. This situation may happen more than once and the fraudster will never let go until he got everything he needs.

Since most free dating sites do not ask for personal information, no membership fee and registration demanded, these criminals, scammers or fraudsters will create a fictitious lifestyle to lure the victim. They may pretend to be successful business owners or entrepreneurs and encourage the victim to join or invest. Most of this case’s preys are old and retired people since they are more vulnerable and open to productive activities just to beat boredom.