Scammers on dating sites

It is important to check their profile pictures. Are they using an authentic one or a photo of a celebrity, model or anybody from the internet? You can save their picture and start looking for more social media accounts or maybe look it up on Google. You can notice if the picture looks like done by a professional, the same quality as the photos used for stock images or print ads.

Consider their occupation. If the person says he or she is a model or someone who has a white collar job then maybe you need to be very careful. Scammers will indicate details that are too good to be true just to lure the next victim.

If the person is excited to get into a serious relationship right away then it is time to back off and stay away from that person.  These scammers would call you terms of endearment to persuade the victim that he or she is serious and ready for commitment.

Never believe a person that you just have met from an online dating site asking for money or likes discussing about wealth. Sometimes they try to get your sympathy and ask for money for emergency purposes.

Scammers also offer money to their chat mates to make believe that he or she should be trusted and not after your wealth and possession. They may talk about their success in life to impress and maybe catch the interest of other people. scammers on datingsites

Beware of people claiming that they are from another country and just migrated or staying for few weeks or months in a relative’s house. They may say that they travel a lot and move from one place to another often. You should get the exact address and hometown of the person you are talking to in order to guarantee your safety.

Scamming on dating sites happen especially if the website is free and does not require registration or gather any information. They can change their identities and all the details that they share online.

There are always and everywhere scammers on every dating site.  Be warned and better prepared.