Not done on a Date

One of the most difficult things before the start of any relationship are the first dates. As it is said, “First impression is the last” goes a long way in these dates. One right move can either start a perfect relationship or it can destroy your chance of being with someone perfect.

What not to do on a Date!

Here, we decided to discuss the things, which you need to to avoid on your first dates. they are:

  • The most important thing to remember is your dressing. it can have a huge impact on the other person and can have a strong impression on someone.  Don’t dress like a slut or a teacher. be normal and be yourself.
  • be punctual, no matter what. a little late is fine for a girl but if you are a man, then you need to be on time dressed according to the place and occasion.
  • Don’t talk about your ex. focus on getting to know each other instead of talking about your failed relationships. if asked about it, then keep it short and avoid details.
  • Avoid showing off or being arrogant. It is just dull. don’t act cocky or like a bitch. what not to do on a date
  • Using your cell phone during the date- a big No! it is rude.
  • Avoid the bad table manners. Don’t talk while mouth full, Don’t fight on bill with the waiters and don’t try to create a scene of any kind.
  • Avoid drinking too much. it will leave a very bad impression on your date.

these are some of the tips for your date, which need to be avoided. follow them and you can have a time of your life. and you can easily hit off on the second date.