Top 10 Things – What Not to Do on a Date

Dating Advice
If you've been on many chat dating sites, you'll know what to do and what not to do on any given date. Still, if you're new to dating, you should be aware of the things that can ruin a date. Let's take a look at what exactly is a dating no-no.

#1 – Being Rude

The number one dating no-no is being rude. When you meet someone for the first time, you want them to be courteous and use soft language wherever possible. Who wants to meet an obnoxious date for the second time? Make a strong first impression by being extra patient and gentle.

#2 – Pessimistic talk and cribbing sessions

People enjoy cribbing and complaining about their employers, managers, workplaces, and, yes, even themselves. On a date, if you complain about something, your date would get the impression that nothing will make you happy. Nobody wants to hear why things aren't working out for you. How do you expect your date to respect you if you look down on yourself? Be upbeat and witty. That's how your date would appreciate your presence.

#3 – So many distractions

It irritates most people when they see their date engrossed in their laptops or phones while speaking. When you're on a date, you shouldn't be looking around or fiddling with your phone. Of course, you can take important calls, but you can ignore cricket updates, love advice, and calls from relatives. Allowing your date to feel unimportant in your life is a mistake. Instead, refuse all calls to make her feel important.

#4 – Do not degrade yourself

Never mention something that might be construed as a betrayal of your integrity. People should be reminded of good things about you as they talk about you behind your back. Saying bad stuff about yourself is a kind of self-deprecation. And why would anybody want to date such a human again?

#5 – Talking about your ex

When you find a new future mate, they understand that you are looking for something new and moved on from your past. If you chat about your ex with your date now, they'll get the impression that you're still really in love with your ex. This is a huge turnoff for everyone, male or female. Allowing your past to ruin your life or future is a mistake. You can only launch a new relationship if you don't bring up your ex.

#6 – Inquiring about personal matters

While we all want to learn more about our dates, this does not mean that we can begin asking personal questions on the first date. Don't get too caught up in the specifics. You will learn more about them if you wish to chat again. Some people are introverts who choose not to talk about their personal lives. As a result, you must provide enough time for those individuals to open up.

#7 – Giving false information

If you give your false date facts, such as that you work for a large corporation or own a large business, they can be impressed. But how much longer will this go on? The reality will eventually come out, and your date will no longer want to be with you because you lied to them.

#8 – Poor manners and hygiene

Follow simple etiquette such as not talking too often, allowing him/her to speak, chewing quietly, and so on. Your date would be impressed with your manners. Keep your nails, clothing, and hair clean to maintain your hygiene. Use mouthwash and brush your teeth twice a day to prevent foul breath.

#9 – Discussing money

Refrain from inquiring about your date's earnings or mentioning financial matters such as "How much of your money do you invest or send to your family?" Do not bring up those delicate topics early on in a relationship.

#10 – Not being attentive

Do not turn away from your date while he or she is speaking since this demonstrates your lack of attention to him or her. You could make her feel unwanted if you move your eyes in all directions except her. Look her in the eyes and let her know that you're there for her.