10 Ways to Break the Ice on a First Date with Someone You've Never Met Before

First Date

If you are not sure that you can interest the person you liked but really want it, we have several Ice breaker questions that will melt the ice between you and give you a chance to attract the attention of the person you like and have perfect dating.

Ice breaker question #1 – Inquire about something in their bio.

The trick here is to be interested in the other person rather than attempting to seem interested in oneself. Your moment will come, but for now, focus your efforts on learning more about the other person. (As an added plus, not concentrating on yourself might help you feel less apprehensive!)

Ice breaker question #2 – Offer a genuine compliment.

Make it less of a "Hey, you must work out," and more of an "I adore your smile!"
The person on the other side of the table should be respected; they will enjoy your sincere remarks about an (acceptable) physical feature of theirs that interests you.
Ice breaker question #3 – Make the discussion into a game.
There are intriguing methods to get to know someone without asking the traditional questions! Try something like, "Let's play two truths and a lie!" “I'll take the lead,” or “If you were trapped on a desolate island, what three items would you bring and why?”

Ice breaker question #4 – Invite them out!

This is a basic technique, yet it works for a large number of swipers.
Some people do better in person than overwriting, and that's just OK! Don't be hesitant to ask your match if they'd want to meet up in person to get to know one other better. After all, communication is about more than just words, so avoiding the interwebs and asking the get-to-know-you questions in person might work out nicely for you.

Ice breaker question #5 – Make a witty remark. LOL.

Send your favorite pun or gif to make them chuckle!
This is a simple method to test if you share the same sense of humor and can relieve stress. You may even email the most cheesy pick-up line you can think of. “Do you know what material my shirt is made of?” “Boyfriend/girlfriend material” may not be suitable for everyone, but it may be suitable for you.
Ice breaker question #6 – Discuss food. Nom nom nom.
The way to a man's heart is via his stomach, but did you know that the same can be said for women? Yes, it is correct. In fact, women are 40% more likely than males to respond to food-related messaging. (Insert stomach grumble here.)
Costa Vida or Cafe Rio? Breakfast: waffles, porridge, or a green smoothie? What are some of your favorite pizzas? Are you crazy about guacamole, y/n? Try one of these questions with your next match! You never know; talking about food may make you both hungry and provide the ideal segue towards asking on a date.

Ice breaker question #7 – Send a message suggesting a fun activity you might do together.

Look for mutual interests between the two of you and use them to start a discussion! Have you noticed that they enjoy rock climbing and golf? Inquire about their favorite places to visit and offer that you go together sometime. Even if you don't know much about the things they appear to be interested in, ask whether they'd be interested in teaching you at some point.

Ice breaker question #8 – Let’s talk geography.

If there's one thing you should know about dating, it's that geographical barriers don't matter!
People from all around the world are connecting in ways they would not have been able to do otherwise.
Inquire about a landmark in their home country or region that you've always wanted to visit— (Eiffel Tower, Golden Gate Bridge, or Temple Square, anyone?) Cultural and geographical differences can make possible dates and future discussions all the more intriguing if you view them as an opportunity rather than a hurdle.
Ice breaker question #9 – Ask for their number.
Try devising a clever technique to obtain your match's phone number in order to continue the discussion outside of the best dating sites!
Ice breaker question #10 – If you don't get an answer the first time, try again!
If you don`t receive a response to your original message, do not be afraid to try again. Stay within reason (i.e., don't blow up your match's phone), but try a new approach. There have been several couples who had to take another swing before they felt it was appropriate to explore getting to know one other.
As you can see, there are a variety of ice breaker questions to employ on a first date with someone you've never met before. Ice breaker questions are excellent to keep the first-date conversation flowing, but they're also a terrific ability to know the individual better.